Sunday, August 3, 2008

What are you waiting for?

If you haven't subscribed to are you waiting for?

Do you need high-quality video tutorials to help you learn new software, anything from Photoshop to complex animation software? Do you need videos to share with your classes, say an interview with Milton Glaser, or interview with Pentagram that gives a taste of how designers think? Are you confused about how a digital camera works? How about 16 separate videos to show your students that give an inside look into one of the most innovative web design firms and how they work, including how they work with clients? This site is so deep and wide you will not tire of it. And the beauty of it is that even though you have to pay a subscription fee (about $25/month last I checked) you are not committed to more than one month. My family however started our subscription about 2 years ago and haven't stopped. (I'm married to an animator, my oldest son is studying graphic design in college, and my younger son is a Photoshop and photography wiz.) Everytime I start exploring it, I see that they have a wonderful new addition. I found exactly what I need as an introductory video for my graphic design class (Big Spaceship) and they just added it 2 days ago. Subscribing to costs a lot more than subscribing to most magazines, but it is so much more useful (and there are no ads).

No, they aren't paying me to write this blog entry... but they should!

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Zeek and I said...

Thanks for the tip, I will ask my principal to pay the fee. It sounds so useful.