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jsrsolution001 said...

Traditionally, education has been thought of in terms of a school model. The teacher teaches and the students are

expected to learn. Students are graded on a normal curve with some achieving high grades and others failing. The

assumption is that the teaching is perfect and the only variable is the student's ability to learn. This model is known as

Normative Referenced Instruction. The burden for learning is on the student rather than the instruction.Industry requires

that everyone achieve the level of success needed to perform the job. It is not economically feasible or legally advisable

to fire every person who does not score well on a norm-referenced test. Rather, the objective is to provide instruction

such that everyone can master the subject and the only variable is how long it takes each person to reach mastery. The

assumption is that everyone can learn the subject and the burden in on the instructional materials rather than the

students. This model of instruction is known as Criterion Referenced Instruction.Today, industry and the military have

adopted the Criterion Referenced Model where each person must reach a criterion of mastery but everyone does learn

the material. Great emphasis is placed on the instructional material to achieve this result. Poor performance means that

the instruction is not adequate. Because it is recognized that each person will take a different amount of time to reach

criterion, industry has often adopted various forms of self-paced instruction. The idea is that people will not be

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